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As part of our ongoing commitment to providing quality services and a unique experienceWe are proud to share with you the testimonials of our customers, our trusted partners and our involved lessors. These opinions reflect the value of our relationshipsour commitment to excellence and our determination to creating solid partnerships.

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Today, we are proud to work with renowned companies such as Solution Park, Travis, Bosh, Axess and Otra. These strategic partnerships have been essential in providing HGV parking solutions.

Solution Park brings invaluable expertise in car park management, while Travis offers innovative mobility solutions for the transport industry. Bosh, Axess and Otra bring cutting-edge technologies that improve the safety and efficiency of our facilities.

These partnerships reflect our commitment to providing unique and reliable solutions to our customers. We are proud of these collaborations and continually strive to strengthen our relationships to meet the changing needs of the road transport industry.

What our HGV drivers have to say

Read what our customers have to say about us.

Olivier Dubois
27 May 2024
ipp de inz Alph
13 May 2024

Motorhome stay in Paris, flat car park, very well guarded and supervised, fast metro access, clean sanitary facilities and above all friendly, smiling and available wardens.

A. R.
4 May 2024

Good place.

CAPA Haute Loire
9 April 2024

very good beautiful space good reception with a human person who answers the phone immediately which is rare very good memory

Kai Th
30 March 2024

Der Parkplatz ist ok. Die duschen und Toiletten sind wirklich sehr old School, aber sauber. Dafür wie es auf der Straße aussieht kann der Betreiber auch nichts, aber das Gelände an sich ist nicht besonders verdreckt. Einen Stern Abzug gibt's für den weiten Toiletten weg wenn man auf den Plätzen beim Pförtner steht und dass wenn man tagsüber auf die Toiletten geht da irgendein Typ im Aufenthaltsraum auf dem Sofa liegt und einen schräg anschaut weil man ihn gerade geweckt hat. Außerdem sollte man eine Taschenlampe mitnehmen wenn man auf Toilette geht da man sonst nach einer Minute im Dunkeln sitzt weil das Licht einfach ausgeht 😅

31 January 2024
Slavko Markov
29 January 2024
Juluo Silva
10 December 2023
sadia saffer
25 October 2023
Роксолана Сусюк
10 October 2023

Добрий день. А як саме можна забронювати?? Як можна з вами зв'язатись?

Артём Викторович
20 September 2023

Въезд 48.827497,2.393848. Заезжаем на логистику GEODIS. На въезде охранник говорит куда становиться и даёт номер-код от туалета и душа. Мест не много. Есть туалет, душ и комната приёма пищи с микроволновкой. Всё чисто и аккуратно. Рядом супермаркет - 150 метров. Хороший паркинг в центре Парижа. Рекомендую. Понравился отзыв - ставь 👍

Monique Leriverend
1 August 2023

Access from the street is a bit difficult but your car park is very spacious and very well guarded. I am answering for the 5 lorries. Thank you

Виталий Герич
11 July 2023

Отличный паркинг как для Парижа!!! Охраняемый. Все есть. Добраться до центра 30 минут на метро, магазин 150м.

Noémie PAYA
19 June 2023

One of the only secure truck parks in Paris. Online booking is very practical.

Evangelos Louzis
29 May 2023
Roman Peredvigin
11 April 2023

Хороший, тихий паркинг! Туалет, душ чисто везде! Рядом магазин и остановки до центра! Выезд по кругу

ideal bis
21 March 2023

A network you can trust: recommendations from our lessors.

The recommendations we receive from our lessors are tangible proof of the value we bring to their underused land. Cach of these recommendations reflects our ability to transform dilapidated land into a valuable resource, generating stable and profitable income for our backers. We are proud to share these valuable feedback which underline our commitment to creating win-win partnerships while ensuring harmonious relations with our backers.

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