Turn your underused land into passive income

We create, manage and operate car parks dedicated to heavy goods vehicles.

Investing in your HGV car park may be of interest to you if :

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Park My Truck offers you a turnkey solution for making the most of your underused space!

Understanding how Park My Truck works :

Find out more about the innovative workings of Park My Truck, an innovative innovative solution for lorry drivers. Thanks to a simplified approachThis platform revolutionises the way lorry parking spaces are found and reserved, offering drivers a safer and more efficient experience on the road.

Investor viewpoint :

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We'll work with you to assess the potential of your surface area.

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We are financing the necessary investments.

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We are managing the modernisation work.

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Available places are sold via our online booking solutions.

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We manage operations and commercial relations.

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You receive a fixed rent + % of the turnover generated.

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You'll benefit from modern facilities that meet the latest standards.

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Find out more about each aspect of our approach

Park My Truck offers you a turnkey solution for making the most of your underused space!

Your under-exploited land, our expertise: a winning partnership!

Step 1: We work with you to assess the potential of your surface area

Our team carries out a detailed analysis to determine how your land can be optimised for creation of a heavy goods vehicle parking area. Size, topography, accessibility and regulatory requirements will be the points to check when drawing up a strategy profitability of truck parking made to measure.

Our objective is to transform an unused space into a valuable resource that will meet the needs of road hauliers while generating revenue for you. We believe that every piece of land has hidden potential, and we are committed to unlocking that potential with our expertise and know-how.

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From idea to reality: how can you finance your HGV car park?

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Stage 2: We finance the necessary investments

Our team works with you to identify necessary investments transforming your land into a profitable PL car park. We draw up a financial planThis covers the costs of developing the site, securing the area, creating the necessary infrastructure and any other elements essential to the success of the project.

We are also exploring opportunities to grants or partnerships to minimise your costs and maximise your investment. By ensuring the financial soundness of your projectWe guarantee that the creation of your HGV parking area will go off without a hitch.

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Your land, our responsibility: creating a top-class HGV car park!

Stage 3: We manage the modernisation work

Our team provides management and supervision of works to modernise your land with a view to creating a HGV parking area. We implement a rigorous process to coordinate all aspects of the work, ensuring that each stage is carried out according to the established process and on schedule.

Our aim is to create a a functional, safe and attractive space which will meet the needs of lorry drivers while complying with environmental and regulatory standards. Our expertise and experience in project management will ensure that the process runs smoothly and to strict specifications.

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Online booking expertise: the key to success!

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Step 4: We only sell seats you don't need via our online booking platforms.

Thanks to our online booking platformsWe identify and take advantage of surplus spaces that are not required for your own use. Our expertise in flow management, our marketing strategies and our extensive network in the industry will be our assets in maximising the occupancy of your HGV car park.

We also implement reservation and payment management systems to ensure a seamless experience for both carriers and you as the owner. Our commitment is to maximise the return on your investment by turning every surplus PL parking space into a stable and profitable source of income.

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Transparent management and maximised returns: our commitment in action!

Stage 5: We manage the operation and commercial relationship for the spaces you entrust to us

We take full responsibility for the commercial relationship with users, ensuring a pleasant customer experience. Our team constantly monitors the occupancy, safety and smooth operation of each HGV parking space. We are there to meeting the needs of road hauliers and companies.

We also manage the administrative aspects, including invoicing, payment management, problem resolution and regular communication with users. By entrusting operational management and commercial relations to our team, you benefit from total peace of mind.

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From stability to prosperity: your land, your income

Park My Truck account

Step 6: You receive a fixed rent + % of sales generated

As the owner of the HGV car park, you benefit from guaranteed fixed rentensuring a regular and predictable income. But that's not all. Our partnership model goes beyond the simplicity of a fixed rent. You're also entitled to a percentage of sales total income from operating your car park. This means that the more your car park is occupied and generates income, the higher your share of that income will be.

This combination of a fixed rent and a share in the profits gives you security of tenure.stable revenue stream while allowing you to benefit from the potential growth of your truck park. We firmly believe in a win-win partnership, where you are rewarded for your initial investment while sharing in the benefits of successful operation.

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Safety, comfort, satisfaction: our commitment to infrastructure!

Step 7: You benefit from a modern infrastructure that meets the latest standards

The infrastructures put in place are designed to meet the needs of strict specifications. This includes advanced security features, efficient lighting, comfortable waiting areas and essential facilities for lorry drivers.

We are committed to maintaining a high level of quality, ensuring that your HGV car park remains competitive, attractive and compliant with ever-changing regulations. This ensures that your investment continues to prosper by offering modern installations drivers.

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