Our solution in detail

We create, manage and operate car parks dedicated to heavy goods vehicles.

Secure HGV parking :

Our secure parking facilities for heavy goods vehicles offer peace of mind. From lighting systems to 24/7 camera surveillance and controlled access, we ensure the safety of both vehicle and driver. Our facilities are designed to meet all needs parking and break times.

Vehicle access control is carried out on plate reading. Only vehicles with a reservation are allowed to enter. By reading the number plate, you canprecisely time-stamp each vehicle's actual arrival and departure times.

An airlock prevents two vehicles from following each other, so as not to be confronted with the "little train" fraud.

All payments are made in advance on the booking site. If the price is exceeded, the supplement must be paid online. In this way, no payment is possible on siteThis eliminates the need for cashiers, cash or POS terminals, as well as the associated management costs and risks.

Pedestrian access is controlled by reading the QR code on reservation. The QR code opens a gate, making it impossible for two pedestrians to follow each other. The time of each pedestrian crossing is time-stamped.

Video surveillance covers the entire car park and images are stored in accordance with the RGPD standard.

Motion sensors are used to detect any intrusion at the fence.

Park My Truck secure car park
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This system makes it possible to make the car park watertightIt also ensures that all vehicles and pedestrians entering the perimeter enclosure are authorised to do so. It also makes it possible toensure traceability of all vehicle and pedestrian entries/exits.

Booking process :

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Customers book online via the Park My Truck website or partner booking sites.

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Booking management

Reservations are dynamically integrated into the "Solution Park" system.

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Access to the
car park

The vehicle is automatically identified and integrated into the software using the number plate reader.

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Use of the
car park

Drivers may use the site's facilities for the duration of the booking.

A truck parking system with a 360° design:

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This tried and tested process makes it possible tooptimise the usethe security of payment and the ability to access adapt to the lessor's schedule of use.

HGV parking designed with drivers in mind.

Concerned aboutimprove working conditions for driverswe do our utmost to provide them with quality services tailored to their needs:

  • Toilets and showers men and women.
  • Wifi connection
  • Break room with kitchenette (fridge, microwave, sink).
  • Distributor hot/cold drinks, pforget.
  • Guide practice facilities nearby.
  • The toilets and break room are cleaned on a regular basis.

Eco-responsible HGV parking.

Depending on the local situation and the landlord's expectations, we can work with our partners to examine the possibility of creating a "new home".to install a range of equipment to limit the environmental impact of the car park:

  • Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • Installation ofphotovoltaic shade to supply self-consumption power to the HGV car park and protect customers from bad weather.

You want to invest in parking for heavy goods vehicles?

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