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We create, manage and operate car parks dedicated to heavy goods vehicles.

About Park My Truck

Executive Committee :

The Management Committee of Park My Truck, (a KING-PARK subsidiary)The management team (Eric QUERON, Fabien MERCKLEN and Thierry ROBERT) plays an essential role in the company's growth and success. The management team (Eric QUERON, Fabien MERCKLEN and Thierry ROBERT) is dedicated to providing the best possible service. innovative solutions for heavy goods vehicles and commercial vehicles, meeting the needs of lorry drivers thanks to a new a diversified approach focused on customer service.

Our history, our evolution:

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King-Park: the evolution of the business into a comprehensive range of services :

KING-PARK was set up by Éric and Fabien, two pioneers in the automotive service sector. In 1993, they created the first valet service company as a subcontractor for hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, etc.

Keen to develop their profession further, they have taken an interest in additional services to offer their customers a comprehensive package. This package includes car wash service without water. A service provided to dealers and at prestigious trade shows (leisure vehicle shows, retro-mobile, etc.).

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KING-PARK reinvents air travel, from Villepinte to Roissy.

It was during a performance at the Villepinte exhibition centre that the idea foroperate car parks. Until now, they were reserved for visitors to events. This observation gave rise to plans to create an airport car park for Roissywith shuttle buses providing a permanent link to the terminals. 

To stand out from a traditional service, KING-PARK is introducing a valet parking service for PREMIUM customers. The result was KING-PARK, the fruit of a partnership with an events venue manager in the Paris region, who was able to generate new income from its underused car parks.

Park My Truck airport car park
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KING-PARK extends its partnership and creates Park My Truck for truckers:

Faced with the shortage of secure spaces for heavy goods vehicles and commercial vehicles in the sector, this partnership has been extended to enable accommodate short-term parking for lorry drivers.

Given the success of this activity, KING-PARK decided to create a dedicated brand, Park My Truck (creation of parking areas for heavy goods vehicles)and to commit fully to meeting this demand by creating a specific offer.

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KING-PARK, towards a network of quality car parks for lorry drivers :

The aim is to deploy a A typical model of secure parking for lorry drivers, which guarantees them a high standard of welcome and service, so that they can make the most of their rest periods.

KING-PARK's development strategy initially focused on exhibition centres, which are generally well-located, secure and have under-utilised car parks, but it is now looking to expand into new markets. new land rights to accelerate its development.

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Strengthening the King-Park team, a logistics expert joins the adventure:

Thierry ROBERT recently joined the KING-PARK team, logistics expert which is supporting Éric and Fabien in this process of structuring and deployment.

Once again this year, Park My Truck plans to launch a number of major projects, including The aim is to continue improving working conditions for HGV drivers. The emphasis will be on innovation and improving services, in particular by increasing the number of spaces available, integrating modern technologies for more efficient car park management, and by offering complementary services such as rest and catering areas.

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