Creation and design of truck parking facilities

We create, manage and operate car parks dedicated to heavy goods vehicles.

The Park My Truck solution is for you if :

Park My truck: creating a lorry park.

Park My Truck provides you with a turnkey solution to make the most of your underused space. Our offer includes

Creation of automated HGV parking facilities.

Flow management (HGV car park entrances and exits).

Optimisation of exploitable surface areas.

Management of commercial operations.

Optimising yields.

Car parks currently under management :

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Park My Truck: partners who support our project!

What our customers and HGV drivers have to say

Discover the opinions of our customers who use our truck parks on a daily basis and of our customers who have decided to invest in a truck park.

Olivier Dubois
27 May 2024
ipp de inz Alph
13 May 2024

Motorhome stay in Paris, flat car park, very well guarded and supervised, fast metro access, clean sanitary facilities and above all friendly, smiling and available wardens.

A. R.
4 May 2024

Good place.

CAPA Haute Loire
9 April 2024

very good beautiful space good reception with a human person who answers the phone immediately which is rare very good memory

Kai Th
30 March 2024

Der Parkplatz ist ok. Die duschen und Toiletten sind wirklich sehr old School, aber sauber. Dafür wie es auf der Straße aussieht kann der Betreiber auch nichts, aber das Gelände an sich ist nicht besonders verdreckt. Einen Stern Abzug gibt's für den weiten Toiletten weg wenn man auf den Plätzen beim Pförtner steht und dass wenn man tagsüber auf die Toiletten geht da irgendein Typ im Aufenthaltsraum auf dem Sofa liegt und einen schräg anschaut weil man ihn gerade geweckt hat. Außerdem sollte man eine Taschenlampe mitnehmen wenn man auf Toilette geht da man sonst nach einer Minute im Dunkeln sitzt weil das Licht einfach ausgeht 😅

31 January 2024
Slavko Markov
29 January 2024
Juluo Silva
10 December 2023
sadia saffer
25 October 2023
Роксолана Сусюк
10 October 2023

Добрий день. А як саме можна забронювати?? Як можна з вами зв'язатись?

Артём Викторович
20 September 2023

Въезд 48.827497,2.393848. Заезжаем на логистику GEODIS. На въезде охранник говорит куда становиться и даёт номер-код от туалета и душа. Мест не много. Есть туалет, душ и комната приёма пищи с микроволновкой. Всё чисто и аккуратно. Рядом супермаркет - 150 метров. Хороший паркинг в центре Парижа. Рекомендую. Понравился отзыв - ставь 👍

Monique Leriverend
1 August 2023

Access from the street is a bit difficult but your car park is very spacious and very well guarded. I am answering for the 5 lorries. Thank you

Виталий Герич
11 July 2023

Отличный паркинг как для Парижа!!! Охраняемый. Все есть. Добраться до центра 30 минут на метро, магазин 150м.

Noémie PAYA
19 June 2023

One of the only secure truck parks in Paris. Online booking is very practical.

Evangelos Louzis
29 May 2023
Roman Peredvigin
11 April 2023

Хороший, тихий паркинг! Туалет, душ чисто везде! Рядом магазин и остановки до центра! Выезд по кругу

ideal bis
21 March 2023

Why choose Park My Truck to create your lorry park?

Every aspect of the project is meticulously plannedfrom initial design to implementation. The car park is automated by offering a maximum number of seats, thanks to a innovative flow management. As an investor, you can see for yourself the booking rate, ensuring you a regular turnover.

funded project Park My Truck

Project financed

We let's finance the entire project.

Park My Truck pilot project

Piloted project

We manage from start to finish.

Park My Truck managed project

Managed parking

Our systems manage entries and exits.

income Park My Truck

Rent + % of sales

Your share is paid each month.

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Are you looking to invest in a plot of land or a car park?

We're here to help you realise your investment project to create a lorry park! Whether you want to add value to your land or optimise your truck parking, our team is ready to help you. Contact us by clicking on the button below and let's discuss your options for investing in your HGV car park.

Understanding how Park My Truck works :

Our solution for creating parking spaces for lorries is designed to be as ergonomic and simplified possible for everyone involved in Park My Truck. The ultimate aim is to serving HGV drivers by providing them with a turnkey solution during their rest periods.

Investor viewpoint :

1 Park My Truck

We'll work with you to assess the potential of your surface area.

route noire droite Park My Truck
2 Park My Truck

We are financing the necessary investments.

3 Park My Truck

We are managing the modernisation work.

route noire gauche Park My Truck
route noire droite Park My Truck
4 Park My Truck

Available places are sold via our online booking solutions.

5 Park My Truck

We manage operations and commercial relations.

route noire gauche Park My Truck
route noire droite Park My Truck
6 Park My Truck

You receive a fixed rent + % of the turnover generated.

7 Park My Truck

You'll benefit from modern facilities that meet the latest standards.

route noire gauche Park My Truck

We design truck parking facilities:

Our team is ready to help you realise your plans to invest in a lorry park, whether to enhance the value of your land or optimise your HGV parking. Click on the button below to contact us, and let's discuss your investment options.

Park My Truck: simplified systems designed for drivers

Park My Truck, a system designed with drivers in mindoffers you simplified solutions for making life easier for road professionals. Find out how our driver-focused approach works.

Simplified booking interface

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validation of the Park My Trucktruck order

Car park availability

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Answers to questions on the design and management of car parks (general)

Find simple, clear answers to your most frequently asked questions about the regulations, how to investing in heavy goods vehicle parkingthe profitability of a lorry parketc... 

City parking :

In town, it is forbidden to park from wrong side of the road. Avoid parking in front of private entrances, double-parked or in reserved spaces (e.g. for deliveries or electric vehicles). Parking at height of a bendThe same applies to a road, an intersection or the top of a hill. Parking on a pavement, traffic lane, bus lane or cycle path is prohibited. considered a nuisance and is liable to a fine.

Regulated parking :

Some streets have specific regulations with regard to parking, which are indicated by signs or road markings. For example, Parking may be charged for or prohibited on a half-yearly basis.

Unauthorised parking:

Parking is deemed abusive if a vehicle remains in the same place for more than seven successive daysThis period varies according to local legislation.

Standards NF P91-100 and NF P91-120 :

These standards specify the dimensions of parking spaces. The NF P91-100 concerns parking areas accessible to the public, while the NF P91-120 applies to private parking areas. They determine the minimum dimensions of parking spaces and aisles for light vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tonnes and less than 1.90 metres high.

Dimensions of parking spaces :

Different measures apply depending on the type of parking space (double, herringbone, slot). For example, in the case of double parking, the minimum dimensions of a parking space are 5 metres long and 2.30 metres wide, with a minimum width of 5 metres for the traffic lane.

Signage and road markings :

Signage is essential for structuring movement within the car park. It consists of directional signs and rules to respectr, as well as road markings. The road markings must be painted using approved road paints.

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility (PRM):

According to the law of 11 February 2005To be accessible to PRMs, car parks must be accessible to PRMs. This means dedicated spaces of specific dimensions, adapted access ramps and an accessible path from the PRM space to the main entrance.

Safety and regulations :

Safety rules vary depending on the type of car park. For example, there are special rules for fire safety and ventilation apply to car parks attached to residential buildings or facilities open to the public.

Planning permission :

Building a car park requires planning permission. This permit is issued by the municipality and is subject to certain conditions and administrative procedures.

ALUR Law :

The ALUR Act amended the regulations on parking spaces for commercial premises, limiting the surface area of parking spaces to 75 % of the surface area of commercial buildings.

For more details, consult the standards NF P91-100 and NF P91-120as well as applicable local and national regulations, particularly on sites such as AFNOR Normalisation, and

Improved safety :

It is essential toimprove car park safety. This may involve improving lighting to reduce shadows, installing demarcated pedestrian zones and appropriate signage to avoid accidents. It is also important to use resistant lighting corrosion resistance and good visibility.

Eco-friendly parking :

Transforming a car park into a more environmentally-friendly space can include the use of permeable pavements, green car parks, porous concrete slabs or recycled materials. These solutions help to reduce soil sealing and promote environmental protection.

Intelligent parking :

The car park management software are used to control the flow of parking spaces and improve the overall experience. These technologies help to optimise the use of parking spaces and reduce the risk of vandalism.

Multimodal travel :

Encouraging public transport can make car parks more functional. Places for electric scooters or bicycles could be installed, encouraging more flexible and sustainable mobility.

Collaboration for shared car parks :

Cooperating with other companies to pool parking spaces can increase usage and reduce the need for new developments. It can also contribute to increased income from the car park.

Sustainable development :

The car parks of the future will be able to incorporate drainage pavements, geothermal energy for thermal regulation and intelligent lighting systems. The use of geothermal energy and lighting systems activated by motion detectors can reduce energy consumption.

Site preparation :

Earthworks are the an essential first step site preparation. If there is already an existing car park, the site may need to be filled in. A slight slope may be necessary to facilitate access.rainwater drainage. For a good foundation, geotextile is recommended, particularly geoalveolar for car parks.

Exterior cladding :

The choice of surface will depend on standards, your budget and aesthetics. you want. It can be asphalt, concrete, cobblestones or gravel. The criterion for choice should take into account resistance to weather and water. frequent passage of heavy goods vehicles, lorries and buses.

Road markings and signs :

Pavement markings are essential for demarcating parking spaces and organising traffic flow. Special markings are used for this purpose. The markings include directional and safety signals and may include specific devices such as speed bumps or barriers.

Specific standards :

For public car parks, the NF P 91-100 guides the creation of parking spaces, including reserved spaces, parking meters and parking discs. For private car parks, the standard NF P 91-120 applies to road markings.

Regulations and authorisations :

The regulations depend on the location and use of parking space (private, public, company, condominium, etc.). For private parking spaces, you may need to consult the co-ownership regulations or obtain specific authorisation.

Costs and budget :

Development costs depend on the size of the car park, the materials used and the work required, such as earthworks, paving and signage and the options available to users.

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